You are going to have a baby.

This is a very exciting time in any family's life and my aim is to help you through the pregnancy and delivery so it will be a pleasant and safe experience for both you and your partner.

Throughout this website you will find information which you may find helpful and should answer a lot of your questions. We will go through any of this information and clarify anything you might not understand or are worried about if you wish. Your partner is always welcome to come with you whenever you come and see us.

Antenatal visits are usually every four weeks until 28 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks; thereafter visits are weekly until delivery. Of course if we are concerned about any particular aspect of your pregnancy you may need to be seen more frequently. There will be a number of things that will need to be routinely done during your pregnancy. When you come to book for the fist time we will perform an ultrasound scan to confirm and date your pregnancy as well as ask you to have bloods drawn for what we call an Obstetric Profile. These are routine bloods performed on all pregnant women. At about 20 weeks we will perform another more detailed scan and at 28 weeks order a glucose tolerance test. At 32 - 34 weeks we may perform an additional well-being scan and at 35 weeks we will take a swab for Group B Strep.

We also offer additional tests for Downs Syndrome. To have any of these tests is a personal choice and is not included in your routine antenatal care. If you wish to have either of these tests (screening or diagnostic) or have further questions please let me know.

As soon as possible (at least by 28 weeks) you should plan to book with the hospital of your choice (Private Surgical at Princess Margaret or Doctors Hospital). This is also a good time to arrange for a Paediatrician to be present at your baby's birth. If there is one in particular you would like to use please let us know. If you do not have a particular person in mind we will be happy to make some suggestions. If you know you are having a Cesarean Section or wish to have an epidural in labour you might want to book with an Anaethetist. If you need any suggestions please let us know.

We try our best to answer your calls, however, there will be occasions where you might have to leave a message and we will contact you as soon as we can. If there is ever an Emergency and you cannot contact us please go directly to the hospital or, if not so urgent, call the hospital and ask them to contact us on your behalf.

As we are sure you will appreciate, on occasion, we will take a holiday or short break with our families. Please do not worry about this, you will ALWAYS be covered. Most commonly this will be by one of the other OBGYN's in the practise.

Finally, if you have any problems or questions that are not answered in this website, feel free to ask them at your next visit.



Useful contact numbers:

Dr Dupuch: 4659504
Dr Carey: 4249736
Dr Lyons: pager-3802496
The Ladies Medical Centre: 3255888/3255884
Fax: 3260913
Doctors Hospital: 3024600 (Reception)
3024728 (Maternity)

Princess Margaret Hospital: 3222861 (Main Operator)
3284350/1 (Private Surgical)
3566155 (Business Office)